The Roof Over System


Roof King helps save you both ENERGY and you hard-earned Dollars.

The SUPER Insulated Mobile Home Roof System

  • Permanent protection from leaks and structural damage.
  • Never – ever – roof coat again!
  • No more roof noise!
  • Your comfort level drastically increases.
  • Keeps you warmer in winter and cooler in the summer.
  • Beautifies your home and increases your personal pride.
  • Saves on Heating and Cooling Bills!
  • Meets the Southern Standard Building Code.
  • Exceeds the Northern States Code.
  • You can become one of our many, many Roof King happy, and satisfied owners.

Investing in our product will pay of in many ways:

  • First- by saving you on your heating and cooling cost.
  • Second- by increasing the value of your home.
  • Third- by solving your roof-associated maintenance and upkeep costs.
  • Forth- you gain peace of mind, freedom from worry, and comfort.

The fully-engineered roof insulation system.


The fully-engineered roof insulation system includes:

  • THERMA-FOAM III expanded polystyrene sheet foam insulation slows heat gain in summer, heat loss in winter. THERMA-FOAM III aluminum perimeter beam that fastens through the sides of your coach into structural members for greatest “shear” strength.  No screws through your roof!
  • Your roof vents are extended through Roof Panels and triple-sealed.
  • The final layer consists of seamless aluminum ROOF PANELS. Their baked-on, enamel, high-gloss surface further deflects the ultraviolet and infrared rays of the sun; and ROOF PANELS protect against leaks.
  • Fully engineered roof system includes trim to give finished look.
  • Roof King backs up every installation.  All installers are factory trained to know every installation procedure. You can count on ROOF KING!


Here at ROOF KING we have developed an exclusive ridge ventilation system. The revolutionary standing seam technology coupled with our ridge ventilation system makes us unique as an industry leader. Our exclusive ridge ventilation system allows your home to “breathe.” This helps to rid your home of moisture and condensation problems .We "finish" off our ridge ventilation system with our ROOF KING manufactured ridge cap. This gives your home a finished complete look-A ROOF KING EXCLUSIVE



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