Metal Roofing is the Better Answer


Q:  My roof needs to be replaced, but Iím looking for a roofing product that will look nicer and last longer.  Is there a better answer?

A:  Yes.  Metal roofing is quickly becoming the answer to this problem, especially with homeowners who are fed up with the short life of traditional roofing materials. Metal roofing costs more up front than composition shingles Ė itís generally in the same price range as wood shingles.  However, metal roofing is one of the most economical roofing choices, because it lasts much longer, requires no maintenance, and provides a better appearance (and greater value) for your home.  Metal roofing has advantages in every climate, especially in areas with threats of fires or airborne sparks, severe storms, or extreme heat or cold.  Another advantage is that some metal roofs can be installed directly over your existing roof, without the cost and mess of a tear-off.

"In addition to no maintenance costs, a metal roof, especially aluminum, can lower your utility bills. According to the Florida Solar Energy Center, installing a simulated cedar-shake aluminum roof can reduce heat gain from the roof down through the ceilings by as much as 34 percent.  Steel roofs, although not as efficient as aluminum, are also better that asphalt shingles."    Kentucky Living



Q:  Wonít a metal roof make my house hotter in the summer?

A:  It depends on the metal.  Steel will absorb and transfer the heat of the sun, but not all metals do.  Aluminum, for example, reflects radiant heat; thatís why NASA uses aluminum to shield satellites in space, where thereís no atmosphere to scatter the heat of the sun. One metal roofing manufacturer had its aluminum roofing product, called Rustic Shingle, tested by the Florida Solar Energy Center. The center found it to reduce attic heat gain by up to 34 percent more than traditional roofing materials.  This can add up to big savings on your utility bills.  If you decide to use a metal roof that is not aluminum, you will need to install a radiant-heat barrier in your attic to get any energy savings.


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