About Roof King

Here at Roof King we have been Manufacturing, Selling, and Installing the Thermal Max System for over 30 years! We have a simple formula: Best quality materials and “In House” skilled workmanship and 100% customer satisfaction this = Happy Customers!

The products we produce are used for both conventional and modular homes. For many years, research has been done to find out how to solve roof problems for both double wide and singlewide mobile homes. Many mobile home owners experience problems like: Roof Leaks and Ceiling Stains, Roof Rumble and Noise, Structural Damage, High Heat Bills, High Cooling Bills. We can cure all of these problems.

Best of all, your hard earned cash goes back into your pocket instead of paying high utility bills! Many ROOF KING customers are saving 30 to 47% on their heating and cooling bills. Because of our TRIPLE THICK – 3 inch ridged polystyrene foam insulation. Plus your home increases in VALUE, COMFORT, AND BEAUTY.

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